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I'm Cassie - a military wife, a registered nurse, and a mother to a beautiful little girl (who's basically an exact copy of me!)


After having my daughter, motherhood consumed me in all of the best ways. I thought, "This is it. I have found my purpose."

So, I left my RN job in pursuit of a career in line with my newly discovered purpose.


And there it was, my hidden gem: Motherhood Copywriting.


The best part is: I get to help other moms, just like you. 

You are BUSY. You are DRAINED.


You're determined to finally ask for help. As mothers, we're always encouraged to ask for help. I'm sure you've heard the saying "it takes a village." 

Well, it's true. It does take a village, and you do need to ask for help.

The same principle applies to your business.

  • You're desperate for more free time.

  • You have big dreams for your business.

  • You want to increase your online presence

  • You want to drive-in more customers.

  • You want to build a connection with your audience.


You have set so many goals for yourself and sometimes, you wonder how the heck you're going to accomplish everything.

I get it, and guess what? I want to be a part of your village; I want to help.

So, let's GROW your business, mama!

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