Here's Why You NEED a Motherhood Copywriter

Can I ask you something?

If you wanted a really scrumptious chocolate cupcake, would you rather:

1. Get a cupcake from a big bakery that makes all kinds of decent treats.


2. Get a cupcake from a small bakery that specializes in exactly what you're wanting — a deliciously decadent, chocolate cupcake?

Kind of a weird analogy, huh? Not sure where I'm going?

Feeling a little hungry now? #Same

But, wait! Let me explain:

When a copywriter covers a variety of niches, they're never really, really good at just one niche. They're pretty good at multiple niches (kind of like the big bakery!) But, when you hire a motherhood copywriter for your children's boutique, it's like buying that specialty cupcake from the small shop — and boy, is it tasty!

You don't need a writer that uses cookie-cutting, "one size fits all" techniques.

You need a writer that specializes in YOUR niche.

You need a writer that knows YOUR customers.

You need a writer that knows YOUR brand.

As a motherhood copywriter, I understand your customers... because I am one of your customers! (Trust me, I've probably bought some cute baby shoes off of your site, or follow along avidly on your social media — I am a baby brand fanatic!)

I know the market.

I know the trends.

I know the research.

I know this niche inside and out.

Motherhood, parenting, pregnancy, postpartum — that's my jam.

Interested in learning more? Send me an email at and let's talk business!

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